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Time Servers

Time Server gains the standard time from GPS, distributes the accurate time to the equipments corresponding to the requests from them.

Time Server delivers the highly reliable and accurate standard time data in accordance with NTP protocol and eliminate all the possible time failure from operation systems

Console Servers

Console server aggregates the console ports of routers, switches and other network equipment and servers and offers a unified, maintainable environment. If you use SmartCS to create a monitoring network, you can reliably access the console ports of monitored equipment that are connected to SmartSC, even when an operational network problem occurs. This can reduce maintenance work greatly and minimize maintenance costs.

About Us

  • Introduction

    Luna Nova Trading Pte Ltd is an IT solution company that mainly provide Japanese IT product solutions. Our Company was set up by a group of dynamic young individuals with solid IT backgrounds aims to provide innovative, reliable and efficient solutions.


    To be the most efficient and reliable IT product solution company in Myanmar.


    We deliver the robust IT infrastructure to Networking and Banking industries by providing reasonable cost and reliable IT products to Myanmar.

  • WHY US?

    Our team has solid networking background and we know very well for customer requirements.

    Our team is well equipped with knowledges and experiences related to international data centers standards. 

    We grantee that our products are very reliable, high availability , long lasting and robustness. 

    Our products are also cost efficient and mostly used in enterprise level data centers.

    Luna Nova imported products will ease away of your problems such as packet delay and errors due to not synchronizing of time in your network. Moreover, our products have features that can be accessible all your network devices from terminal server, only with console server . GPS time server is highly essentials for enterprise networks such as stock exchange , mobile telecom network, Data Centre and Financial Banking.

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